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Recognised by Indian Nursing Council (New Delhi)
Affiliated to kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science

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Student Hostel


Meals prepared at the common mess served at hostels to designated students and visitors who are staying in the college campus, and to their occasional guests for whom prior arrangements must be made. The kitchen staff need advance information in order to purchase and prepare the right amount of food, and have provided a sign-in book, which you are requested to use. Both Indian and Western dishes are served. You will be billed for the meals served to your guests

The schedule of meals (subject to changes):

Breakfast 7.00 a.m. – 8 00 a.m.
Lunch 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Dinner 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Drinking Water & Other Beverages

Drinking water at the College is safe as it is filtered by aquaguards. Mineral water is widely available and cheap to buy. So make use of it. When travelling away from Hydrabad,drink only bottled mineral water, carbonated beverages,or hot beverages.
Bottled beverages sold in the market are safe except for those with a glass marble seal. Lassi, a refreshing yoghurt drink, made with milk and water; it is probably best not to request it unless you are certain that it has been safely prepared. Indian coffee and tea are traditionally made with boiled milk and lots of sugar. Shopkeepers will provide these drinks without milk and sugar, if you give specific instructions.

Doctor on Call :

Regular medical check up will be conducted in the College and in Hostel at regular intervals. In emergency cases services of renowned doctors are available on call.


All the students are required to wear the uniform prescribed and provided by the institution. The cost of the uniform is borne by the student. It is important for the budding Professional to have a neat and tidy appearance. Uniform / Dress code shall remain compulsory in the campus and Administrative Office.

Hostel Facilities :

Separate hostel for girls is available,adjacent to the institution and security is provided .Students have to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.Both Veg. & Non-veg food is served in the hostel.Payment of the hostel fee is through DD or directly through our bank.
Allotment of hostel seats will be for the full academic year. They shall pay the Hostel Charges for the full academic year in lumpsum.
All students shall leave the hostel on the closing day of the hostel itself.
Students, while going out shall enter to in the register,time of leaving,purpose and proposed time of return.While returning they shall also enter the time of return in the same register.
Students are allowed to go out for shopping once a month and should be back to the hostel before 2-00p.m. College facilitate bus and warden to go along with students.
No visitors or parents are allowed to enter the hostel rooms. Inmates shall not entertain any beggars,vendors or any other persons inside the hostel premises.
Parents shall give a letter of authorisation along with an attested photo of the local guardians for allowing their daughters to visit whenever deemed necessary. Inmates will not be allowed to go outside along with any other person other than their local guardians authorised by their parents.


It is the aim of the Library of the Tulasi college of nursngs to serve the varied needs of its many readers efficiently. The Library makes available to the staff, and nursing students, a wide collection of nursing literature, including Books, Journals, Reference Sources and pamphlets. The amount of newly published information available to the nursing student, makes a flexible library system and trained library staff. It should enable readers to obtain the information they seek in the most expenditious and efficient manner. The Library Staff hope to serve you conscientiously and well, and thereby make their contribution to the optimum practice of the art and science of nursing. The CCN Library and Information Center has many things other than books. There are journals and periodicals-both Indian and Foreign, audio and video materials, Case Studies, News Clippings, learning CDs, Study Material on various subjects, issues of journals and periodicals, books on fiction, Project Reports, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet

Audio-Visual Lab

See the masters in action. Listen carefully to the intonations and voice modulations of the experts. Watch their body language. Listen to yourself and see your own presentation on the video. Learn from the best of speakers on tapes and CDs. The accents, the gestures, power dressing, the Do’s and the Don’ts…. practice…. practice…. and become a master yourself


It is not uncommon for changes in climate, diet, and drinking water to have temporary adverse effects on a traveller’s health. These problems often respond well to a therapy of rest and mild food for a couple of days. As a precaution you probably should carry a small supply of anti-pyretic and anti-diarrhoeal drugs with you. If your condition persists, you should contact the administrator, who will make the necessary arrangements for you to be seen by an appropriate physician.

Please Note: You will have to pay for your treatment and any medicines