Approved by Govt.of Telangana
Recognised by Indian Nursing Council (New Delhi)
Affiliated to kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science

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About Us

Tulasi College of nursing was started in the year 2005 by professional of Education field to expose the noble cause of providing Quality Education.

Tulasi College of Nursing which is pioneer in the field of educational Training , Carrier guidance, Counseling& Admissions in Professional Courses in the Field of Paramedical, Nursing,Teaching& Management to impart globally applicable skill-sets to students through flexible course offerings and support industry’s requirement and inculcate a spirit of new venture creation.

Tulasi College of Nursing is Recognized by ” Indian Nursing Council “,Telangana Nursing Council –Gov’t of Telangana , and Affiliated to kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Scince – Telangana.

It is a matter of immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a unique institution for Nursing /Teaching/Management Professional aspirants for people with a vision to become pioneers. Our objective is to create a breed of innovative and dynamic professionals for this field, who are capable of making a difference in their respective fields.

Our aim is to remove mental blocks in youngster, which are entrenched due to faulty education system. We are excited about our role in shaping India’s future and do hope you are equally excited about being a part of Tulasi College of Nursing.


To be a nursing educational institution internationally recognised for its excellence in improving health through the integration to teaching, research, scholarship and practice and to be an institution of natural choice for the students, parents and all the stakeholders for the excellence in education.


The Tulasi College of Nursing is a dynamic and evolving organization, preparing all levels of professional nurses for diverse healthcare delivery and leadership role. Commitment to developing knowledge that leads to improved health and quality of life is what defines the Tulasi College of Nursing.

Director Desk

Welcome to the student………
A hearty welcome and congratulation on taking the first step of entering into a world class Nursing College and join in the noble profession of Nursing and Paramedical sector.

I am honored to present this world Class Nursing College to the future leader and young professionals of the world. The scope is ample for qualified professionals to pursue rewarding career and it is our mission and vision to groom young generation to become the pillars of future not only in the national arena but also in the international scenario.

Our procedures, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure is totally geared towards achieving our vision and mission. There is a high degree of student participation in running the institution in its all activities are our pride.

Our College belives in development, reorganization and interpreting the minds of students for theire professional growth. Our College has been initiated the minds of students for theire professional growth. Our institute has been initiated with the vision of providing knowledge and skills to the young professionals of this country and to help them and integrate the principals of ethics and moral code.

Chairmans Message

as the industry becomes more competitive and as we try and reach out to the global market, we will have to deliver world class quality products and services all the time.therefore, nurturing and developing high quality education systems and institutions will become the prime responsibility of all the stakeholders in education.

We believe that the golden age of india is with us and ahead of us and not behind us.at set, through our academia and pedagogy we seek to offer world class learning systems to the youth.through a balanced mix of academics and industry interaction, we train professionals who have not only contributed significantly to the indian industry but have reached beyond the shores of this country and sought global aclaim for our efforts.

Today, india is emerging as a global super power, not surprising considreing she has produced some of the best minds in the world. in every field indians arena. At set, in our own small way, we rae trying our best to add to the country;countries intellectual capital.by producing the next generation of sharp minds.who ,we hope will shape indias future.and lead her to greater heights. set is our humble contribution to the building resurging india poised to conquer the global economy.

Principl Message

In the 21st century, the health challenges facing the nation have shifted dramatically. The needs for personal connection, listening, and caring has never been higher. Nurses consistently rank first in every consumer poll as the most trusted professional.
The Tulasi college of Nursing which started in 2005 has within a span of 12 years achieved recognition as one of the top College of nursing. We offer a 4 years B.Sc., nursing programme.

A commitment to excellence in teaching, research, service and leadership is the essence of our programme. The “Student First Policy of Tulasi College of Nursing has contributed to the successful accomplishment and leadership of our institution.

Administrator’s Message

Welcome to Tulasi College of Nursing that represent quality in its programs and specificity in its philosophy.
As future healthcare experts, you will have to manage patients, technology and resources optimally. At Tulasi College of Nursing you are being educated and trained to be a multi faceted, skilled, all round professional with a futuristic perspective, evolving with the dynamic health care industry.